Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's all no big deal

This morning I woke up to thoughts of my blender which led, obviously, to thoughts about my silverware. Both of these things I figured I would give to my niece to use while I'm away but might want back when/if I come back. But I couldn't help wondering, and I'm not proud of this, if she will treat them with the proper respect. Good grief. Get over yourself! Of course she will. And if something gets broken or lost, it is NO BIG DEAL. I could have broken or lost any number of the things I'm giving her, she's just lucky I haven't...yet....because I do have a good way of breaking things. I learned it, actually, from my sister, her mother. So we all come by it quite honestly and it is something I certainly can't hold against her. So, yes, she will be the recipient of my blender and my silverware, both Christmas gifts from my mom.

But I'm still thinking I'll put my $100 Kitchenaid PINK handmixer in storage. I'm not THAT giving!

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