Friday, October 30, 2009

What I should be updating about...

to answer Jeff's question...NO, Kazimir did NOT eat my next blog post. My camera and my computer have stopped communicating. Not sure what the fight is about but they are clearly NOT on speaking terms. So, I'm going to borrow my friend's card reader but he happens to be in the Ukraine right now. As soon as he gets back I will hold him down, steal his card reader, and update the blog, properly with photos.

Here are some things I should update about (NOTE: not in chronological order...and they probably won't get updated in chronological order either!):
where I live and my living situation
the Praha zoo
the Jewish Quarter
visa woes
Czech holidays (and how they differ from American holidays)
amazing live Irish music
heavy metal in old town square
my roommate's going away party

That's just a sampling of what is to come! (I PROMISE!!!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The New Addition

Anyone who's known me for more than maybe 10 minutes knows that I love animals. When I came to Prague, the hardest thing I had to do was leave behind my two beloved critters, Charlie Parker and Kiyomi. They are both in extremely loving homes. Half the time Charlie chose Ilana over me anyhow, so no big stretch that he stayed with her. And Kiyomi, the wonderful herding dog, gets more exercise and more herding practice now than she ever did before. She has 4 great kids to herd around the yard.

So the animals are doing well. The problem was that I wasn't doing well! And no matter how many times I weighed the positives of not having an animal to look after....I couldn't accept it! I have NEVER in my life lived without animals. And I decided I didn't like it one bit.

The challenge then....what to do? I would have cost a LOT of money to ship Kiyomi to me, been extremely hard on her, and then another LOT of money to ship her wherever I end up going next. And, it would be hard to take her away from those four kids she gets to herd around!

So I began a search for a LITTLE dog so that I could take it with me and never leave an animal behind again. Which brought me to Professor Ellyot Kazimir.... Kazi or Kazimirek is what he's called. He's 6 months old today. Currently weighs about 1 kg 600 grams! He will probably never even get to 2 kg! Super tiny and super adorable. His teeth aren't "perfect" so his tongue is usually sticking out which is just about the cutest thing ever! I got him from a woman who shows chihuahuas and breeds them. But they all run around her house and yard free, not kept in kennels. I met Kazimir's parents and grandmother! Kazi can't be shown or bred because he's too small and has funky teeth which makes him the perfect boy for me!

And he loves me best!