Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas traditions

This is the first time I've been with family for the entire Christmas season in many years. I have never once in my life played touch football, whether holiday or not. Yet, this morning I awoke with such a desire to have a bunch of people over, throw the old pigskin around, and then come into the warm house to some spiked eggnog and eat some dinner. My family and the odd guest or two coming for dinner will not be enough to play the game I've envisioned. Is it wrong to be saddened by not partaking in a tradition that has never been ours? I'm pretty sure no one even has a football.

what I want for Christmas

Last night I was caught off guard. Out at a bar a friend asked me what I want for Christmas. Through some kind of miracle I didn't just point my finger at the boy across the table.

I was able to recover my senses and tell her I wanted not just a keyless entry for my car, but a remote engine start to get her all heated up.

Maybe I should have just pointed across the table?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

on remembering

Lately I've been remembering a lot of random information. Maybe it's living back with mom that brings old forgotten memories flooding back? But in addition to this, I've been pondering the things I've forgotten.

I can't remember the name of Becky's girlfriend from when I first met Becky.

I don't remember Andrew's last name yet he played such a large role in my life for those months.

But I do remember the only time I've ever been skiing, snowboarding or on a snowmobile.

I remember my dad and Buzz Manzer standing next to that giant pine tree between the houses, the tree that they raised on beer, stories and urine. I always walked up at the end of a joke that they promised to tell me "when you're older". Yeah...I'm older...but no one remembers the jokes like I remember they're owed to me.

I can't remember the sound of my dad's laughter....but I can remember the feel of the skin on his arms.

I remember my first license plate: CA 3JUY619 and my first driver license number but none since. Great joy when I moved back to CA...they gave me back my original driver license number! The only one I've ever known by heart!

remiss in my duties

I have been terribly remiss in my blogging duties.
I have left Czech Republic.
I spent 10 days in South Carolina lolling on the beach.
I spent a few wonderful days with friends in NYC and CT.
I was reunited with loved pets.
My mom, Kiyomi, Kazimir, Charlie Parker and I drove across the USA in a truck full of my stuff.
I am now living in Redding CA.
I go to school to be a teacher.
I have completed one semester with one more semester of schooling then one semester of student teaching and then I'll be a teacher, certifiable.