Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two live bands since I left the States

I know...I know...I need to update more so that when I sit down to update I won't be flooded with everything that has happened!

I saw Radiohead Sunday night. I really like going to concerts in foreign countries. I saw U2 in Dublin, which really can't compare to any other experience. To see them in their home country, where even people who don't really like their music appreciate them because they're an institution. In a huge stadium packed full...nothing compares to that.

But, Radiohead on Sunday was fun, too. The park where they played actually sloped DOWN, instead of UP, so those of us in the cheap 'seats' couldn't see a damn thing. There was a nice light show, and the music was really good. I'd never seen them live before (and actually still haven't actually SEEN them live) but to hear them live was great.

Just funny because I'm trying hard to remember the last live band I saw before I left NYC and now I've seen two and not just two, but two really big ones.

(the pic with me is U2 and the other is Radiohead)

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