Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good News!

It's been a busy but great couple of days!

Yesterday I took the 'language awareness' exam and taught my final lesson for school! The exam was an overview of grammar, phonology and a few of the principles of teaching....I got an 'A'! The final lesson went well, a little sad because I've really enjoyed the students.

Today I had moderation for school and had a second interview at a business English company. The moderation went really well. The moderator comes in from Trinity in London to meet with everyone and score the final project that we submit. You have to talk about the linguistic aims of materials that were made for class, not using the coursebook. It went really well! The interview included a mock lesson. It didn't go amazingly well (truth be told I'm fighting a cold right now and only wanted to be sleeping) but it wasn't a bomb either. She says she'll let me know tomorrow. I do already have one job lined up with a language school, but until I'm full time, I can try to become full time through various jobs.

I am moving tomorrow, Thursday or Friday, depending on how I feel, but have to be out of this student flat by Friday noon. I found a place to live that is only about 3 blocks from where I live great! It's only for a month, after that I'll figure out where I want to live longer term, but this place was really cheap and close so I took it while I decide where I want to live.

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