Monday, August 17, 2009

apartment hunting and creepy art

The other day I opened up my blog to create a new post and EVERYTHING WAS IN CZECH!! I couldn't figure out which button to push to get me to English. Then, somehow, it was magically back in a language I can understand, unfortunately only English.

So here I am.

Lots has been going on! Mostly studying and homework, but also some exciting things like job hunting and apartment searching. I have a job interview on Thursday and send me CV out constantly.

I looked at 4 rooms in apartments over the weekend and I think I found the one I want. It has tons of light which is generally my #1 requirement. (P.S. when teaching English, this symbol #, is called a hash because that's what they call it in England....those English are trouble!) I'm going back on Tuesday evening to check it out and my current female roommate is going to come with me and maybe take the other room, he's got 2 available. It doesn't have a bathtub but, hopefully, I'll live through that! And maybe the most exciting thing is that there's a balcony off this 6th floor apartment! (and I think by 6th floor it's actually on what Americans would call the 7th floor because they count US 1st floor as 0 and start actually counting on the first floor above the ground...very tricky) And, the view from the balcony is of the tv tower which has these super creepy babies crawling up it! It's some art thing about tv rotting kids or something...but it's really creepy. I'm posting pictures so all can share in the creepy!

It will be good to have my home situation settled. It's hiring season so I think I should be able to find a job...but keep those fingers crossed!!

Another beautiful HOT day in Prague. Supposed to be like 82F...which here is called 27C. Trying to get used to all things metric which isn't easy. A guy last night was talking about how big the entire flat is, 150m that means anything at all to me!

Enough babble for now and back to homework!

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