Tuesday, December 21, 2010

on remembering

Lately I've been remembering a lot of random information. Maybe it's living back with mom that brings old forgotten memories flooding back? But in addition to this, I've been pondering the things I've forgotten.

I can't remember the name of Becky's girlfriend from when I first met Becky.

I don't remember Andrew's last name yet he played such a large role in my life for those months.

But I do remember the only time I've ever been skiing, snowboarding or on a snowmobile.

I remember my dad and Buzz Manzer standing next to that giant pine tree between the houses, the tree that they raised on beer, stories and urine. I always walked up at the end of a joke that they promised to tell me "when you're older". Yeah...I'm older...but no one remembers the jokes like I remember they're owed to me.

I can't remember the sound of my dad's laughter....but I can remember the feel of the skin on his arms.

I remember my first license plate: CA 3JUY619 and my first driver license number but none since. Great joy when I moved back to CA...they gave me back my original driver license number! The only one I've ever known by heart!

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