Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas traditions

This is the first time I've been with family for the entire Christmas season in many years. I have never once in my life played touch football, whether holiday or not. Yet, this morning I awoke with such a desire to have a bunch of people over, throw the old pigskin around, and then come into the warm house to some spiked eggnog and eat some dinner. My family and the odd guest or two coming for dinner will not be enough to play the game I've envisioned. Is it wrong to be saddened by not partaking in a tradition that has never been ours? I'm pretty sure no one even has a football.


  1. We used to play football in our family when I was young... that was at Thanksgiving of course because it was too damn cold in Iowa by Xmas. Most of my holiday memories are very "la vie en rose"... but this one I really honestly DO remember arguing a lot.

    I did join a football team when I was in KC. I caught an awesome pass and made a TD. It was talked about for a long time.

    I love football. I am right there with you. Maybe you should just go outside and start knocking on doors. I am sure some VERY relieved parents will be thrilled that somebody wants to play with their kids. (If you don't seem to pervy).

  2. I try not to appear too pervy....but we have almost no neighbors where we are. I think my goal for next Christmas will be to plan ahead for a good rousing game of football!

  3. ...AND spiked eggnog and mulled cider and wine!