Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 4 in Dublin: a few last things

I spent much of my final morning trying to figure out what to throw out of my suitcase. I did, however, remember to take a photo of the view out of the window in my room. This photo was taken from my bed. I was the top bunk and my whole body was against just glass. It was wonderful! A wall of windows.

After I gave up trying to magically make my suitcase weigh any less, I left the hostel for my last jaunt around Dublin. I walked over to Trinity College and got the walking tour. We couldn't go in any of the buildings since everyone, save a few lonely graduate students, are on holiday, but the grounds are extremely beautiful.

Then I had my last lunch in a wonderful pub in Temple Bar called the Auld Dubliner. I got there around 1 to read my book, eat fish & chips and drink a Guinness. At 2 an Irishman came in with his guitar for live music. There weren't too many of us in the pub so it was a more intimate experience. Wonderful.

I grabbed my suitcase from the hostel and headed to the stand to wait for the air coach......which didn't come....and didn't come....and the crowd grew larger. Finally this woman asked if I wanted to split a cab. We found two more girls and the four of us filed in. Was the same price as the air coach and I GOT TO SIT IN THE FRONT SEAT....ON THE LEFT SIDE!!! It was super neato! I've never been in a backwards (read: driver on the right) car!!

So I've landed in Prague which will be discussed after I find a towel (argh) and some vittles!

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