Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is the thanks I get!

I'm sick....again. I feel really bad about it. I actually HATE canceling my classes and disappointing the kids! Some of them actually look forward to my class!! How great is that? (Last week, during a wave goodbye type song, a little boy started crying. After the song I asked his mother what was wrong...she said it was because HE DIDN'T WANT TO GO!! I love my job!)

However, I'm fairly certain that it is because of THEM that I am sick...AGAIN!

My friends recently took over the care of 4 children. They went from 0-4 in one day. And it was her recent status update that made me feel better about being sick. She said: "There's an exponential increase of sickness at our house from pre-kids days...unbelieveable." That's why I'm sick! I went from being around 0 kids to being around roughly FIFTY. And it was her friend's comments that added to my happiness....that it gets better! Every year you get more and more used to being around the germ piles and stop getting sick as much. Yippee!

So I guess the thanks I get for teaching young kids that this picture means "cow" in English is to get sick every couple months....well then...I'll take it!


  1. Please tell us more about your job. I read all of your blog posts and Facebook updates, but I still don't know where you work, how many hours you work, whether this is temporary...

  2. My sister-in-law worked with kids and had the same thing happen. It seemed like she caught some new sickness every other week for the first 6 months. Eventually her immune system toughened up and she got sick a lot less often.